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Toke D Keda - Quito Tu Foto

Quito Tu Foto

Toke D Keda 1696166365
Raulin Rodriguez - Necesito de Ti

Necesito de Ti

Raulin Rodriguez 1696166155
Toby Love - Casi Casi

Casi Casi

Toby Love 1696165935
Monchy & Alexandra - Tu Sin Mí y Yo Sin Ti

Tu Sin Mí y Yo Sin Ti

Monchy & Alexandra 1696165705
Luis Segura - Cariñito de Mi Vida

Cariñito de Mi Vida

Luis Segura 1696165555
Xtreme - Te Extraño

Te Extraño

Xtreme 1696165345
Prince Royce - Culpa al Corazón

Culpa al Corazón

Prince Royce 1696165124
Frank Reyes - Como Sanar

Como Sanar

Frank Reyes 1696164884
Daniel Santacruz - Te Amo

Te Amo

Daniel Santacruz 1696164661
Grupo Extra - Si Fueras Mia

Si Fueras Mia

Grupo Extra 1696164430

Acerca de Latina Bachata

Latina Bachata is a popular radio station that specializes in playing Bachata music. The station is based in Jamaica and broadcasts a variety of programs that cater to Bachata enthusiasts. The programming includes a mix of classic and contemporary Bachata tunes, as well as interviews with artists and other relevant content.

Listeners can enjoy the unique blend of music and culture that Latina Bachata offers, with a focus on providing an authentic Bachata experience. The station's dedicated team of hosts and DJs work tirelessly to curate the perfect playlist, ensuring that listeners are always treated to the best Bachata music available.

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Dirección: Radio Latina 167 Rue du Chevaleret, 75013 Paris, France

Teléfono: 0825 24 10 10


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