David Bouchier: A Few Well Chosen Words by David Bouchier

David Bouchier: A Few Well Chosen Words

David Bouchier’s weekly essays are full of unexpected observations and whimsical opinions. Listeners will relish his entertaining, enlightening, and sometimes exasperated commentaries on the routines that carry us through the year, the surreal rituals of politics, the unsettling experience of foreign travel, and the confusions and comedies of everyday suburban life. You can hear David Bouchier on-air Monday mornings or by subscribing to this podcast.

Radio: WSHU Public Radio
Kategoria: Yhteiskunta ja Kulttuuri
  • 380 
    - Force of habit
    Mon, 29 May 2023
  • 379 
    - Go paperless
    Mon, 22 May 2023
  • 378 
    - Historical amnesia
    Mon, 15 May 2023
  • 377 
    - Great expectations
    Mon, 08 May 2023
  • 376 
    - The ideal commute
    Mon, 01 May 2023
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