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Voice of Kalomo Radio


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Voice of Kalomo Community Radio Station (VOKCRS)transmitting from Kalomoon 89.9 FM is a non-profit making community radio Station with a wide coverage area of 150 Kmin radius. This coverage captures a population of over 500,000 people in both Urban and Rural areas of Kalomo, Zimba, and three (3) quarters of Choma, Kazungula, Pemba, Monze districts and surrounding areas. It also has online platforms like Facebook and a website (www.VOKCRS.com). Above all we broadcast in six(6) languages namely :( English, Chitonga,Silozi, Chibemba, Chinyanja and Luvale) making it one of the few community radio stations with such a plan in the nation (One Zambia One Nation). Voice of Kalomo Radio has worked very well with the following Chiefs in a number of programs e.g. LET THE CHIEF SPEAK on issues like land matters, village Headmen, GBV, early marriages etc. These are Chief'Chikanta, Macha, Mukuni, Nyawa, Siachitema, Sipatunyana, Simwatachela, Mapanza, Musokotwani, Moonze, Choongo, Mweenda, Mukobela, Sinazongwe and Singani. The station runs 24/7, that is the station does not close. Mission of Voice of Kalomo Community Radio: To provide a voice in communicating quality development and cultural values. Vision of Voice of Kalomo Community Radio: The best platform for accurate information. VOKCRS is a Community radio station in Southern Province ofZambia which broadcasts in six (6) languages to over 500,000 people, Informing, Entertaining, and Educating its listener through the airwaves. This project is specifically aimed at ensuring that every person in Kalomo and surrounding communities has the informative support required to fulfil his/her potential in society, which is imperative in such an underdeveloped area.

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Verkkosivusto: www.VOKCRS.com

Osoite: Kalomo

Puhelin: 0977785048

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