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Welcome to FRED’s channel in ENGLISH Are you a film lover / a film buff / a filmmaker / an actor / a film critic / a journalist / a film student / a festival organizer / a producer / a distributor / a film buyer / a sales agent/ a film publicist interested in independent cinema and film festivals? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE FRED FILM RADIO IS YOUR RADIO ! The idea is to allow all those who cannot be at film festivals to share in the experience as if they were, and to offer more in-depth information and targeted entertainment to those actually there. If English is your language, or a language you understand, THIS IS YOUR CHANNEL !

Catégorie: Télévision et Cinéma
  • 179 
    - “Wildcat”, interview with director Ethan Hawke
    Mon, 02 Oct 2023
  • 178 
    - “MMXX”, interview with director Cristi Puiu
    Sun, 01 Oct 2023
  • 177 
    - “L’Île Rouge”, interview with director Robin Campillo and actress Nadia Tereszkiewicz
    Sun, 01 Oct 2023
  • 176 
    - Vincent Maraval, interview with the CEO of GoodFellas (formerly Wild Bunch)
    Sun, 01 Oct 2023
  • 175 
    - London Film Festival 2023, interview with Rowan Woods, Festival Programmer
    Sat, 30 Sep 2023
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