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Forgotten Australia

True crimes, dark histories, unsolved mysteries, eccentric personalities and strange happenings: Forgotten Australia is history as you've never heard it before. Each episode brings to life people and events that were once known to everyone but are now barely remembered by anyone. Based on intensive original research, Forgotten Australia is crafted with a novelist’s eye for character and detail to create gripping narratives that sound so fresh it's like they're ripped from today's headlines.

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My new book, Hanging Ned Kelly, about Melbourne's 19th century executioners, is out now.

You can read an excerpt here for free.

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  • 192 
    - Your Stories: 'My Father, the Spitfire Pilot'
    Thu, 25 May 2023
  • 191 
    - Bloody Murder in the Blue Mountains – Part Three
    Wed, 10 May 2023
  • 190 
    - Bloody Murder in the Blue Mountains – Part Two
    Sun, 07 May 2023
  • 189 
    - Bloody Murder in the Blue Mountains – Part One
    Sun, 30 Apr 2023
  • 188 
    - The Notorious Lady Munro – Part Three: A Most Remarkable Woman
    Wed, 19 Apr 2023
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