Pulled By The Root - Amplifying Adoption Issues by Heidi Marble - Alysa Zalma MD - Stephanie Pipes - Sean Farley

Pulled By The Root - Amplifying Adoption Issues

My name is Heidi Marble. I am a domestic adoptee/author/speaker born in 1965. I did not realize the depth of pain caused from my own relinquishment until later in life. The loss surrounding adoption is so far reaching it is hard to grasp; the gravity of hurt pulled me to take action. Fueled by our amazing team, Pulled By The Root has become a collective platform that elevates, honors and gives voice to the issues surrounding adoption. Our podcast is a place to listen to an aggregate of conversations. From these varied perspectives we can learn more about the complexities of adoption, healing and trauma. There are over 70 completed interviews to date, so be on the lookout for new episodes. To learn more please check out our website at: https://www.pulledbytheroot.com

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  • 83 
    - Ep80: Kelly Grace and Laura Leslie-Olmsted
    Thu, 30 Jun 2022
  • 82 
    - Ep79: Nancy Verrier
    Wed, 29 Jun 2022
  • 81 
    - Ep78: “Heart of the Matter” with Heidi Marble
    Mon, 13 Jun 2022
  • 80 
    - Ep77: Michael Knox
    Thu, 02 Jun 2022
  • 79 
    - Ep76: Corissa Saint Laurent
    Thu, 26 May 2022
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