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Krohn & Co. - Fordi Du Fortjener Det

Fordi Du Fortjener Det

Krohn & Co. 1685971680
Morgan Sulele - Hver gang jeg ser deg

Hver gang jeg ser deg

Morgan Sulele 1685971550
Faith No More - Easy


Faith No More 1685971136
ABBA - Honey, Honey

Honey, Honey

ABBA 1685970568
Wig Wam - Do Ya Wanna Taste It

Do Ya Wanna Taste It

Wig Wam 1685970398
Knut Roppestad - You Seem so Strong

You Seem so Strong

Knut Roppestad 1685970312
Gras - Turnèstev fra Trøndelag

Turnèstev fra Trøndelag

Gras 1685970177
Nordre Sving & Bjørge Lillelien - Siste Nytt Fra Lahti

Siste Nytt Fra Lahti

Nordre Sving & Bjørge Lillelien 1685970052
Bon Jovi - You Give Love a Bad Name

You Give Love a Bad Name

Bon Jovi 1685969817
Ballinciaga - En Shot

En Shot

Ballinciaga 1685969555

A proposito di Guovdageainnu Lagasradio

GLR is the only radio station on both FM and internet in the Sámi area in Finnmark, Norway. We broadcast24/7, both live from Kautokeino, and we also broadcast throughout the day our partners Nea radio in Trøndelag, and even the BBC World Service.

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Indirizzo: Bredbuktnesveien 8 9520 Guovdageaidnu – Kautokeino

Telefono: +47 78 48 53 00


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