Germany's "Home & Smart" features myTuner Radio

This month myTuner Radio was featured on the German website of Home & Smart. This website presents the latest and most innovative products for daily use for inside the house and outside, from home appliances to alarms, means of transportation and apps.

 Home & Smart says that “myTuner Radio offers an interface which is simple to use and that guarantees the best radio streaming on the move (…) with a great variety of free offers: music, news, podcasts – from all over the world.”

According to Home & Smart the myTuner Radio app has “added value when compared to other music streaming services” because “in addition to music, the application provides access to numerous radio stations and podcasts in the world.”

Moreover, Home & Smart also says that myTuner Radio is perfect “for those who like to discover new things (…) and new cultures”. We couldn’t agree more!

Aug 02, 2018
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