EFM Station

EFM Station

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Kinree - Found Your Way (feat. Jeffrey Jefferson)

Found Your Way (feat. Jeffrey Jefferson)

Kinree 1679719004
Christos Fourkis - A Little Soul

A Little Soul

Christos Fourkis 1679718613
Tune / Lib - Midnight Emotions

Midnight Emotions

Tune / Lib 1679718330
The 3 Foot People - Zodiac


The 3 Foot People 1679718185
Orbitell - Dive (Ibiza Beach Mix)

Dive (Ibiza Beach Mix)

Orbitell 1679717787
Chill 2 U - Nightwalker


Chill 2 U 1679717513
33 Degrees - Go Away (Es Vedra Mix)

Go Away (Es Vedra Mix)

33 Degrees 1679717407
DJ Pippi & Ann West - Eivissa Saxomatica

Eivissa Saxomatica

DJ Pippi & Ann West 1679716914
Mo' Horizons - Foto Viva

Foto Viva

Mo' Horizons 1679716566
Rhye - Feel Your Weight

Feel Your Weight

Rhye 1679716453

Over EFM Station

We are streaming from Enying town, Hungary from the "Gate of Lake Balaton". We started as Enying FM in the year of 2005. The regular broadcast started at 1st december, 2012 in the direction of Deep House, Nu disco, Tech House, Chill House, Indie Dance, Melodic Dance, Urban, Trance and Lounge and we reaching more and more listeners since that. We are on our own way, not following other station's trend. EFM is focusing on producers, DJ's, artists from Europe and the Ex USSR countries. From 2018 until July of 2020 the station was made by an another team due financial reasons, but the main line left the same. In the summer of 2020 in the shadow of Covid-19 the time has came for the come back and for a full re-branding, since that we using this (shortened) name for our station. The year 2023 was started with a re-built musical database, and a re-considered format. During the daytime you can hear great variety of quality dance music from 2010 to today (with a lot of new tracks and some classics also from the times before 2010) with some Urban flavor. During the noon hours you can hear Lounge (with the "EFM Lounge mix" on Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00), quality mixes during the evening hours, deep and soulful house at late night, and chill out, ambient during the deep night. We are who rejects all the current media and musical trends which haunts us, want to discower great new (and not only new...) music, and want to know only useful information, without gossips, politics, fake news. We believe, this is the only way to bring listeners for our radio station, at these times when Youtube, Spotifiy and other streaming platforms are breaking higher and higher. We are proud to be different than other radio stations!




Website: https://www.efm.hu

E-mailadres: enyingfm@gmail.com

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