Metro21: Smart Cities Institute Podcast by Carnegie Mellon University

Metro21: Smart Cities Institute Podcast

Metro21: Smart Cities Institute is a campus-wide initiative at Carnegie Mellon University dedicated to the research, development, and deployment of projects aimed at improving the quality of life in metropolitan areas. The mission of this podcast is to introduce a wider audience to our work. There are so many innovative projects being developed and deployed here at Carnegie Mellon, and we want to give the public a chance to be a part of our journey.

Category: Technology
  • 21 
    - Design for Real World Change - An Interview With Professor Kristin Hughes
    Mon, 21 Mar 2022
  • 20 
    - Region, Equity and Mobility - An Interview With Vincent Valdes of Southwestern PA Commission
    Mon, 20 Sep 2021
  • 19 
    - Integrating and Learning from Mobility Data - An Interview With Sean Qian
    Wed, 23 Jun 2021
  • 18 
    - How Helping Our Vulnerable Populations Can Improve Our City
    Mon, 26 Apr 2021
  • 17 
    - An Economist Who Thinks like an Engineer and a Philosopher
    Thu, 04 Feb 2021
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