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Every Wednesday morning on the Political Breakfast podcast, veteran Atlanta journalist Lisa Rayam, Democratic strategist Tharon Johnson and Republican strategist Brian Robinson deliver Georgia’s best analysis of local politics with a weekly dose of informed, respectful and lively discussion.

During Georgia’s state legislative session, Political Breakfast presents the pop-up podcast Gold Dome Scramble every Monday morning as host Lisa Rayam talks with reporters from the WABE newsroom to break things down for our listeners — the issues being considered, and the bills getting sorted through various committees at the Georgia State Capitol.

Radio: WABE 90.1
Category: News & Politics
  • 197 
    - Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens gets tested on combating crime in the city after a 6-month-old is shot and killed during a drive by shooting
    Wed, 26 Jan 2022
  • 196 
    - Gold Dome Scramble: Trying to halt the "Great Resignation" in State Government
    Sun, 23 Jan 2022
  • 195 
    - Georgia state Sen. Brian Strickland on voting rights and the 2022 General Assembly
    Wed, 19 Jan 2022
  • 194 
    - Gold Dome Scramble: Follow the money as Georgia's governor lays out his budget
    Sat, 15 Jan 2022
  • 193 
    - Political Breakfast 2022 Legislative Kickoff – LIVE
    Wed, 12 Jan 2022
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