A Cook‘s Chronicles: A Podcast by Nigel Slater

A Cook‘s Chronicles: A Podcast

In Season 2: Join Nigel Slater on the story of his life in the kitchen from the first jam tart he made with my mother standing on a chair trying to reach the aga, through to what he is cooking now. Featuring an exclusive interview with his editor, Louise Haines, as well as selected extracts from his audiobook A Cook’s Book. In Season 1: Join Nigel Slater on a walk through midwinter, all the way up to Christmas Day. There’ll be recipes for some of your festive favourites and some new ideas to excite your palate in these cold months. You‘ll take a tour of the Christmas markets, cook some sticky treats, spice the wine, and wind your way through the season to Christmas Day.

Category: Arts
  • 20 
    - Season 1: Trailer
    Tue, 27 Nov 2018
  • 19 
    - Season 1 #1: Winter Has Arrived
    Fri, 08 Oct 2021
  • 18 
    - Season 2 #6: The Ritual of Tea
    Thu, 18 Nov 2021
  • 17 
    - Season 2 #5: Feasting
    Thu, 11 Nov 2021
  • 16 
    - Season 2 #4: The Perfect Pie
    Thu, 04 Nov 2021
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