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Quarantine Love Stories (English Version)

On the 10th of March 2020 the whole of Italy was placed on Red Zone.
What happened to love during the lockdown?
What happened to all those couples who found themselves split up because of the pandemic?

The Italian actress Federica Corti decided to collect the real testimonies of those trying to keep their love alive.
“Quarantine Love Stories” is a mosaic of real faces and feelings, a collection of poetic and moving stories lived during the pandemic in Italy.
A picture of a Country during one of its hardest times.

Original project narrated by Federica Corti
English Adaptation curated by: Freddie Wride
Executive Producer: Elena Parretti
Post production and Sound Design: MaxLevelAudio
Cover: Valentino Lanzarini

You can listen to the original Italian version of this series on the Storytel Premium Platform (https://www.storytel.com/it/it/series/43939-Quarantena-Love-Stories)

Categoria: Sociedade e Cultura
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