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东方依依 - 快抱抱


东方依依 1675830228
Pauline Lan - Aiyaya Lalala

Aiyaya Lalala

Pauline Lan 1675829813
小倩 - 普通朋友


小倩 1675829580
Black Panther - Don't Break My Heart

Don't Break My Heart

Black Panther 1675829316
林慧萍 - 可以勇敢可以溫柔


林慧萍 1675828673
Jacky Cheung & Francesca Kao - 祝福


Jacky Cheung & Francesca Kao 1675828376
Alien Key - 问心无愧


Alien Key 1675828028
張鎬哲 - 走吧! 朋友

走吧! 朋友

張鎬哲 1675827681
栢林 - 驿动的心


栢林 1675827224
方季惟 - 情愫


方季惟 1675827103

Sobre 96.3好FM

Brand new Chinese radio station in 23 years, 96.3好FM, (96.3 Hao FM) targets mainly on well-learned digital migrants between the age of 45 to 54 and plays all the classic hits you may have forgotten. As its slogan dictates, “Great Songs, Hao FM”, be sure to tune in to all the familiar mandarin pop tunes from the 80s and 90s, classic hits by Wan Fang, Winnie Hsin, Emil Chau, Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung and our very own local Xin Yao. As part of the SPH Chinese Media Group, the station gets hold of the most updated news and information from the news room; coupled with the informative insights provided by experts of different professions. Bite-sized capsules formulated from topics on lifestyle, healthcare and finance/wealth planning, 96.3好FM, (96.3 Hao FM) is the all-in entertainment and information station to tune in to.

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Website: https://www.963haofm.sg

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