Rádio Classic Hits 106 Europe Ao Vivo

Classic Hits 106 Europe

Rádio Classic Hits 106 Europe Ao Vivo

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Sobre Classic Hits 106 Europe

THE POWER OF MUSIC We truly believe in the power of music. Music can make you happy and music can make you sad. That's why we created a feel good mix. Although you might have CLASSIC HITS 106 as background music, there is nothing wrong with turning up the volume and sing along. ONLY THE GREATEST CLASSIC HITS We play 24/7 non stop only the greatest classic hits. With that in mind it is the best available mix. We only play international hits (based on the various European charts). Ony if a track was a big hit in more than one country, you will hear it on CLASSIC HITS 106. 24/7 NON STOP No talk, no news, only the best music. So what are you waiting for!

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