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Jacksonne Amoko - Muhaba Taki Kifaya

Muhaba Taki Kifaya

Jacksonne Amoko 1679336387
W J De King - Zaman Towil

Zaman Towil

W J De King 1679336155
DANIC00 - Nakupenda Sana

Nakupenda Sana

DANIC00 1679335356
The Clan - Irish Rover

Irish Rover

The Clan 1679335168
Kawaja Revolution - Juba


Kawaja Revolution 1679334456
Feminnem - Oye, Oye, Oye

Oye, Oye, Oye

Feminnem 1679332023
Nyinomugisha - Anyira Acholi

Anyira Acholi

Nyinomugisha 1679331401
Covid-19 - Covid-19


Covid-19 1679331318
Jackie Chandiru - Kwata


Jackie Chandiru 1679331040
Eddy Kenzo - Sitya Loss

Sitya Loss

Eddy Kenzo 1679330800

About Fecaa Radio

Fecaa radio latest app that we have developed for people who would like to listen and connect with our local Equatorian community program on the radio. It is a very unique opportunity and standard way of connecting with our Equatoria community worldwide. It is very easy to use the app just a matter of seconds to download the app and click the play button. Once you have done that then the click on the radio which will provide you the right information about the Equatoria region in South Sudan and allows you to listen to a variety of music in all languages spoken in Equatoria region.

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