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Firewoodisland - Snow (Dripping Woollen Jumpers)

Snow (Dripping Woollen Jumpers)

Firewoodisland 1638754681
Fra - Io e te

Io e te

Fra 1638754497
Philippe & Gabriel - Le Rire

Le Rire

Philippe & Gabriel 1638754239
Bb - Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger

Bb 1638754066
Donson - Poli opposti

Poli opposti

Donson 1638753522
Sampaolo - Compleanno al Pigneto

Compleanno al Pigneto

Sampaolo 1638753267
Alessandro Villa - All'Imbrunire (At the dusk of my days) [Instrumental]

All'Imbrunire (At the dusk of my days) [Instrumental]

Alessandro Villa 1638752970
Bb - Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger

Bb 1638752808
Loris Dalì - Branko non sbaglia mai

Branko non sbaglia mai

Loris Dalì 1638752616
Eagles - Victim of Love

Victim of Love

Eagles 1638728023

About World Web Radio

Radio Antenna Petrignano - World Web Radio - WWR.. the radio since 1976. It was 1976 in 4 children at the age of thirteen they started a project of a radio, it was the first Petrignano radio antenna. Their names Carlo Mantovani, Fausto Ballarani, Gianluca Salucci and Matteo Morelli .. Today that project has been resumed and the old fm radio is revived as a web radio. Good listening ..

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