CJBI Radio Bell Island 93.9 FM

CJBI Radio Bell Island 93.9 FM

Community Radio from Bell Island, Newfoundland, Canada!

О CJBI Radio Bell Island 93.9 FM

CJBI-FM better known as Radio Bell Island 93.9 FM is a community radio station broadcasting for the Bell Island, Canada.

Radio Bell Island mission is to provide news, information and showcase local talents to all the residents.

It’s also extremely important to this radio station to be a space where residents have a voice within the community.

Main Programs

  • Stan: Laid Back
  • The Time Machine
  • The New Found Records Radio Show
  • Sunrise Sunday
  • A Blast From the Past
  • The Country Kenny Show
  • Murder and Mayhem
  • Radio Bingo

Main Hosts

  • Stan MacDonald
  • Kenny Stanford
  • Terry Skehans
  • Henry Crane
  • Adam Ryan
  • Charis Maloy

Рейтинг пользователей:



Веб-сайт: www.radiobellisland.com/

Адрес: PO Box 974 Bell Island, NL Canada, A0A 4H0

Телефон: (709) 488-2901

Эл. адрес: rbi@radiobellisland.com

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