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Радио: 947
Категория: Комедийная
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    - The way you eating your Banana is making you FAT
    Thu, 23 Mar 2023
  • 3526 
    - If your colleague bakes cakes as a side business & you order a cake from them for your birthday party, are you obligated to invite them to the party?
    Thu, 23 Mar 2023
  • 3525 
    - Would you continue paying for your childs studies if they were majoring in something but then wanted to change to something else that you didn't want them to study?
    Thu, 23 Mar 2023
  • 3524 
    - Is it inappropriate to sneak booze into a 3-year-old’s birthday party?
    Wed, 22 Mar 2023
  • 3523 
    - Is it fair for fans to request that jerseys become cheaper when your team is not doing well?
    Wed, 22 Mar 2023
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