Dear Listeners - Thanks for tuning in regularly to our broadcasts and engaging in our show by sending in your comments and questions.. You can also check out where there are free Sahaja Yoga Mediation classes in your area to attend over the CastBox : If you are interested in learning how to enjoy the peace of meditation, come along. Sahaja Yoga Meditation weekly classes are offered free of charge every time. Meditation sessions are always free, open to anyone and everyone who has an interest in meditation - young and old, beginners and seasoned pros. Sahaja Yoga Meditation techniques works for modern day people of all ages and walks of life. Simple and effective techniques of Sahaja Yoga Meditation allow us to achieve balance, master stress, improve our health, and face ourselves. What to expect: If you put in the time to meditate daily, the results will appear right away. At the end of month you will acquire a new skillset empowering you to face the reality of life's challenges, and have a greater sense of purpose, belonging and peace. Why is it free? Sahaja Yoga Meditation is always free and the meditation instructors, with over fifteen years of experience, dedicate themselves to propagating this experience of Love. As it has changed us, it changes others, and changes the world. Experience universal connection and joy!

Категория: Религия и духовность
  • 18 
    - Ep.21 The Right Channel
    Sun, 02 Dec 2018
  • 17 
    - Ep.20 The Left Channel
    Sun, 02 Dec 2018
  • 16 
    - Ep.19 The Central Channel
    Sun, 02 Dec 2018
  • 15 
    - Ep.18 Clearing Technique
    Sun, 02 Dec 2018
  • 14 
    - Ep.14 Kundalini
    Sun, 02 Dec 2018
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