Hardcore Mixtapes by DJ Sacrifice

Hardcore Mixtapes

Markus Weidemann aka Sacrifice born in 1982 in Leipzig, Eastgermany. Growing up and dominated by the sound of the 90s hardcore and gabberscene. In 1999 he had his first DJ-gig. Many local gigs followed. In 2002 he began to produce. The first song was released in late 2002 on the eponymous compilation "Underground Hardcore". In The years After 2002 he had a lot of Releases under different Pseudonyms in the areas Hardstyle, Hardcore, Speedcore. Since 2010 he has dedicated himself 100% to the hardcore. Melody, Epic and speed characterizes his productions. As a DJ booked throughout Europe. He favourited Mainstream Hardcore and he Love it to Play the Classics from the 90s via Vinyl. But even with Frenchcore Speedcore to savvy he brings every party to boil over. On this Channel you find the latest Liverecords & Podcasts. www.dj-sacrifice.de

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  • 88 
    - DJ Sacrifice @ Hardbeat Redemption Vol. II Transit Chemnitz 06.05.2023
    Mon, 08 May 2023
  • 87 
    - DJ Sacrifice @ Time To Power Up Revolution Battlezone Zwickau 15.04.2023
    Wed, 19 Apr 2023
  • 86 
    - DJ Sacrifice @ 7 Years Hell Kartell Glashaus Worbis 18.02.2023
    Wed, 22 Feb 2023
  • 85 
    - DJ Sacrifice @ Hardbeat Redemption Transit Chemnitz 21.01.2023
    Sun, 22 Jan 2023
  • 84 
    - Yearmix 2022 by DJ Sacrifice
    Sat, 31 Dec 2022
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