MSNBC is a news-based cable TV channel that provides a radio live stream service of its content through the internet and channel 118 on Sirius/XM. It belongs to NBC Universal Worldwide News Group and, although it defines itself as impartial, is often accused of liberal bias by conservatives. 

In its line-up, MSNBC offers various talk shows where hosts and guests provide an in-depth debate and analysis of subjects such as current affairs, politics, and finance, sports commentary, and several news reports throughout the day.

Popular shows and hosts/anchors

  • The Rachel Maddow Show
  • Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Yasmin Vossoughian and Willie Geist
  • Live with Katy Tur
  • Live with Stephanie Ruhle
  • The ReidOut with Joy Reid
  • Live with Ali Velshi
  • Deadline White House with Nicolle Wallace
  • The Beat with Ari Melber
  • Kasie DC with Kasie Hunt
  • All In with Chris Hayes
  • Up with David Gura
  • The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

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Adress: 30 Rockefeller Plaza New York, N.Y. 10112 USA


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