Andrew Dickens Afternoons by Newstalk ZB

Andrew Dickens Afternoons

With decades of broadcasting experience behind him, Andrew Dickens has worked around the world across multiple radio genres. His bold, sharp and energetic show on Newstalk ZB is always informative and entertaining.

Radyo: NewsTalk ZB Network
Kategori: Haberler & Politika
  • 660 
    - Andrew Dickens: I don't know why National is so wedded to these tax cuts
    Mon, 18 Sep 2023
  • 659 
    - Andrew Dickens: Luxon shoots himself in the foot, time and time again
    Mon, 11 Sep 2023
  • 658 
    - Andrew Dickens: New Zealand needs smart leadership- but no one's offering
    Mon, 04 Sep 2023
  • 657 
    - Andrew Dickens: Misguided, naïve, or just plain timid
    Mon, 28 Aug 2023
  • 656 
    - Andrew Dickens: This country won't survive drastic cuts to the public workforce
    Mon, 21 Aug 2023
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