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The Pineapple Project

The Pineapple Project is back with a new host, comedian Nazeem Hussain. This season we're here to help you save you a whole heap of money. We'll look at spending less, spending better and understanding why we buy things in the first place. It's like getting a pay rise without having to do anything! So we're getting FRUGAL…(WTF does frugal mean?! It means not being wasteful). We're giving you easy ways to save money on fashion, pets, travel, cars, phones, food and at the gym. So join Nazeem for an eight-part adventure into our wallets and our minds to see why we spend, where we waste money, and what we can do about it.

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  • 209 
    - 07 04 | Big Home Energy
    Wed, 07 Sep 2022
  • 208 
    - Oh, Baby
    Wed, 31 Aug 2022
  • 207 
    - Meal prepping - The freezer is your friend
    Wed, 24 Aug 2022
  • 206 
    - The circular economy - How to buy and sell online
    Wed, 17 Aug 2022
  • 205 
    - INTRODUCING - Series 7: Even more frugal
    Wed, 10 Aug 2022
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