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Radio Disa

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Radio Disa is a Christian-community radio station that offers informative, inspirational and religious content to the audience, in English and in Afrikaans. 

The station was founded by Dr Gerhard Kotze in 2013 with the purpose of spreading the Christian values and a message of peace and reconciliation. With this intent, it provides a line-up with informative programmes, talk shows on religion and lifestyle, entertainment and music shows with the best oldies and Gospel music as well as religious programmes subject to the values and teachings of Christianity.

Radio Disa broadcasts to the Western Cape and selected areas of Gauteng on the frequency 95.9 FM. It is also possible to listen live to its programming worldwide through its online live streaming service.

Main shows and presenters

  • Sondagmiddag Blou with Tertius Rabe
  • Inspiration At The Station with Anthony September
  • Walk Down Memory Lane with Richard De Villiers
  • Etiket with Natasha Fick and Anne Dreyer
  • Saterdag Repertoire with Richard and Tweety

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Adres: 24 Kitchener Rd, Fairfield Estate, Cape Town, 7500 South Africa

Telefon: +27 21 859 1105


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