Radio Rock FM

Radio Rock FM

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Ozzy Osbourne - I Just Want You

I Just Want You

Ozzy Osbourne 1664138515
Blind Melon - Paper Scratcher

Paper Scratcher

Blind Melon 1664138339
Fahran - Suffer the Sorrow

Suffer the Sorrow

Fahran 1664138127
Push Push - Euphoric Plunder in Bliss

Euphoric Plunder in Bliss

Push Push 1664137890
The BellRays - One Big Party

One Big Party

The BellRays 1664137277
Jamie Porter Band - Ready For Action

Ready For Action

Jamie Porter Band 1664137055
My Demons Galore - Human


My Demons Galore 1664136822
Palooka - Roll On

Roll On

Palooka 1664136504
The Bateleurs - Rise Above the Storm

Rise Above the Storm

The Bateleurs 1664136283
Arcana Kings - Unbreakable


Arcana Kings 1664136057

Radio Rock FM Hakkında

Radio Rock FM was created out of pure frustration from the under-representation that the rock and metal genres have on mainstream radio. Commercial radio stations only cater to the music machine monster that is commonly known as 'the music industry' and not the listeners. So this is my gift to you fellow rockers and metal heads, enjoy and always crank it to ten!

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