Radio Rosestad

Radio Rosestad

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Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning

Beds Are Burning

Midnight Oil 1675756861
Ricus Nel - Bokkies Jag

Bokkies Jag

Ricus Nel 1675756511
Dewald Wasserfall - Stroom Op En Been Af

Stroom Op En Been Af

Dewald Wasserfall 1675756281
Ikson - Soda


Ikson 1675756241
Stefan Jansen - Lankal Gereed

Lankal Gereed

Stefan Jansen 1675756001
Marius Strydom - Lady Is Back

Lady Is Back

Marius Strydom 1675755790
Leah - Ek Mag Jou Mis

Ek Mag Jou Mis

Leah 1675755450
Legkaart - Ek Is Daar

Ek Is Daar

Legkaart 1675755270
Johan C Venter - Mal Oor Jou

Mal Oor Jou

Johan C Venter 1675754790
Margot Rothman - 110


Margot Rothman 1675754599

Radio Rosestad Hakkında

Radio Rosestad is an Afrikaans-speaking radio station, built on the Christian values, that aims to promote the culture, traditions and language of the Afrikaner community in South Africa.

Its line-up is comprised of entertainment shows, news reports, talk shows where the most relevant issues for the community and society, in general, are discussed, music shows and cultural and educational programmes that teach the audience about the Afrikaner history and culture.

Radio Rosestad broadcasts from and to Bloemfontein using the frequency 100.6 FM. As an alternative, the audience can also listen live to its broadcasts by accessing the live streaming service on the station's website.

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Adres: 1 Cockram road, Groenvlei, Bloemfontein, 9310, South Africa

Telefon: +27 51 412 6401


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