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Box 13

In Box 13 Dan Holiday, a newspaper reporter turned fiction writer, puts an advert in his old paper The Star Times, in search of ideas for his story. The ad reads 'Adventure wanted, will go anyplace, do anything. Write to Box 13.' The replies, therefore, arrived at the Newspapers Box 13, and with them always brought troubles and adventures for Mr. Holiday. Alan Ladd played the part of Dan Holiday, with Slyvia Picker playing his scatterbrain secretary Suzy. There were also a host of other guest stars (Lurene Tuttle, Marsha Hunt to name but a couple) rotating throughout the program, and whilst there were also many writers who co – wrote the program's, Ladd was the main writer. This radio program was a syndicated series, heard on Sunday evenings on the Mutual Network. It was the product of Alan Ladd and Richard Sandville, two owners of the famous Mayfare restaurants in Los Angeles during the Second World War. Ladd's ambition to get on the radio in his own series was thwarted in part because he was under contract to Paramount, who did not allow him to appear on radio, except on occasions when he appeared as a guest on programs such as Lucky Jordan. At the end of the war, Ladd and Sandville sold the Mayfare restaurant and formed Mayfare productions, of which two mainstay shows were Box 13 and The Unexpected.

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  • 52 
    - Box 13 - 52 Round Robin
    Wed, 19 Aug 2020
  • 51 
    - Box 13 - 51 The Clay Pigeon
    Wed, 19 Aug 2020
  • 50 
    - Box 13 - 50 Archemedes And The Roman
    Wed, 19 Aug 2020
  • 49 
    - Box 13 - 49 The Perfect Crime
    Wed, 19 Aug 2020
  • 48 
    - Box 13 - 48 The Bitter Bitten
    Wed, 19 Aug 2020
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