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Franja Du Plessis - My Lief

My Lief

Franja Du Plessis 1660175483
Coenie de Villiers - Vir Jou

Vir Jou

Coenie de Villiers 1660175283
Demi Roussos - Give Me Back My Love

Give Me Back My Love

Demi Roussos 1660175012
Pieter Smith - Japie Greyling

Japie Greyling

Pieter Smith 1660174782
David Meece - We Are the Reason

We Are the Reason

David Meece 1660174492
Elvis Presley - In the Ghetto

In the Ghetto

Elvis Presley 1660174332
Klipwerf Orkes - Ek Sal By Jou Staan

Ek Sal By Jou Staan

Klipwerf Orkes 1660174032
Electric Light Orchestra - Hold On Tight

Hold On Tight

Electric Light Orchestra 1660173832
Elandré - Dag & Nag

Dag & Nag

Elandré 1660173622
Andrew Lloyd Webber - Take That Look Off Your Face

Take That Look Off Your Face

Andrew Lloyd Webber 1660173412

Acerca de Pretoria FM

Pretoria FM is a community radio station broadcasting from Pretoria to the Afrikaans speaking community in South Africa. Its programming can also be enjoyed internationally by accessing the live streaming feature on its website or the podcasts of its main shows.

Its line-up is comprised of 70% music, with programmes showcasing the greatest hits of today and of the past, and 30% talk, with news reports and programmes covering a wide variety of topics such as economy, the markets, sports, culture and religion, among others.

Main presenters

  • Sarina Frauenstein
  • MD Greyling
  • Elsje van Jaarsveld
  • Willem Smit
  • James Kemp

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Sitio web:

Dirección: 416 Kirkness St, Arcadia, Pretoria 0007, South Africa

Teléfono: +27 012 543 0120


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