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How to Talk to People

On this season of How to Talk to People we explore the barriers to relationship building and why—in a world of endless potential for connection—so many people still feel alone. From the the struggle to prioritize non-romantic relationships, to just feeling uncertain of what to talk about with strangers, host Julie Beck and producer Rebecca Rashid unravel the complexities of putting yourself out there—in hopes of revealing the rewards of showing up.  Produced by Rebecca Rashid and hosted by Julie Beck. Editing by Jocelyn Frank. Fact-check by Ena Alvarado. Engineering by Rob Smerciak. Special thanks to A.C. Valdez. The executive producer of Audio is Claudine Ebeid; the managing editor of Audio is Andrea Valdez. Music by Tellsonic (“The Whistle Funk”).  Talk to How to Talk to People—by “talk,” we mean write to us—at To support this podcast, and get unlimited access to all of The Atlantic’s journalism, become a subscriber.

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