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Kaakaki Radio is one of the fastest growing online radio in the world. Its founders believe that the people of Africa has long been brainwashed about their stories, their identities and their personalities. Kaakaki Radio however, aims to repaint the picture of Africa in its originality; to promote the cultural heritage of Africa Continent and to make the world a global village by supplying unbiased news in sports, science/technology, politics, economy and breaking news to the world populace With the best quality audio output. Kaakaki Radio is a branch of Africa Integrated Communication Ltd which is located at Ladokun Building, KM 6, Old Lagos/Ibadan Express Way, New Garage, in the Metropolitan City of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria You can read more on our website- https://www.afrikanamedia.com Keep up with us on all the social medias- Kaakaki Radio Twitter ► https://twitter.com/kaakakiradio Kaakaki Radio Facebook ► https://facebook.com/kaakakiradio Kaakaki Radio Instagram ►https://instagram.com/kaakaki.radio ✅INDUSTRY: Media -- ✅FOUNDED: 2017 -- ✅FOUNDER: Africa Integrated Communication Ltd (formerly known as STAR KINGDOM ENTERTAINMENT) -- ✅LOCATION: Ibadan, Nigeria -- ✅AREA SERVED: Worldwide -- ✅SERVICES: Online Television / Radio -- Kaakaki Radio has the entire world as its scope to reach out to; nevertheless, its major target is Africa continent. Its major programs are Current Affairs, About Africa (documentary), Yesteryear (History), Afri-songs (Music), Africa Affairs (political analysis), Sports updates, Deep down Africa (Documentary), Ends and Scarce (Economy analysis), and many more.

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Verkkosivusto: https://www.afrikanamedia.com

Osoite: Ladokun Building, New Garage, Ibadan, Oyo State

Sähköpostiosoite: kaakakiradio@afrikanamedia.com

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