Hack by triple j


Hack brings you the stories that matter to young people. Every weekday host Dave Marchese and the triple j Hack team cover the latest news, politics and culture from all around Australia.

Radio: ABC News Radio
Category: News & Politics
  • 2066 
    - The Shakeup: age limits for politicians, our obsession with big things, and, who's ashamed of the Aussie flag?
    Fri, 24 Jun 2022
  • 2065 
    - How old is too old in politics?
    Thu, 23 Jun 2022
  • 2064 
    - Shedding the glam for a glow down
    Wed, 22 Jun 2022
  • 2063 
    - This town's rich in mining but kids are still dying
    Tue, 21 Jun 2022
  • 2062 
    - Why are you calling me?
    Mon, 20 Jun 2022
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