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The Most Dramatic Podcast Ever with Chris Harrison

For two decades, Chris Harrison saw it all.

To be honest, maybe too much.

Seriously, there are things he just can't unsee.

But his nightmares, his lessons, and all that wisdom are now your gain

That's right, your greatest podcast dreams have just come true! 

Chris Harrison is back.

Who knows what he has to say now? You're going to want to find out.

It's the most dramatic podcast ever... with Chris Harrison.

Category: TV & Film
  • 18 
    Mon, 20 Mar 2023
  • 17 
    - Cheryl Burke needs some TLC
    Fri, 10 Mar 2023
  • 16 
    - VanderDUMP: The Scandal Analyzed
    Wed, 08 Mar 2023
  • 15 
    - Trouble in Bachelor in Paradise with Arie and Lauren
    Mon, 06 Mar 2023
  • 14 
    - A Dramatic new Dating Show (Part 2)
    Tue, 28 Feb 2023
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