Let's Not Be Kidding with Gavin Crawford by CBC

Let's Not Be Kidding with Gavin Crawford

If laughter really was the best medicine, Gavin Crawford would have cured his mother of Alzheimer’s disease. As a son, his mother’s dementia has been devastating. As a comedian though… it’s been sort of funny. Honestly, how do you respond when your mom confuses you with her teenage crush and wants you to take her to the high-school dance? Well, you laugh. Because it’s the only thing you can do. In this seven-part series, Gavin tells the story of losing his mother — his best friend and the inspiration for a lot of his comedy — to a disease that can be heartbreaking, but sometimes also hilarious. He’s joined by comedian friends who share their experience caring for family members with dementia. The result is a cross between an improv act and a support group. Part memoir, part stand-up, part meditation on grief and loss, Let’s Not Be Kidding is a dose of the very best medicine for anyone dealing with hard times. Listen ad-free by subscribing to the CBC Stories Premium channel on Apple Podcasts (apple.co/cbcstories). For more content from Gavin, check out Because News: cbc.ca/becausenews

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    - The story Gavin never thought he’d tell: On stage at Hot Docs with Aurora Browne
    Mon, 19 Jun 2023
  • - Introducing: Because News with Gavin Crawford!
    Fri, 16 Jun 2023
  • - Episode 7: Good Grief
    Mon, 01 May 2023
  • - Episode 6: The Bus Stop at the End of the World
    Mon, 01 May 2023
  • - Episode 5: Hide the keys!
    Mon, 01 May 2023
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