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April Wine - Oowatanite


April Wine 1685993257
Edgar Winter - Mean Town Blues (feat. Joe Bonamassa)

Mean Town Blues (feat. Joe Bonamassa)

Edgar Winter 1685992953
The Rolling Stones - All Down the Line

All Down the Line

The Rolling Stones 1685992755
Judas Priest - Turbo Lover

Turbo Lover

Judas Priest 1685992419
Stevie Nicks - Leather and Lace (Remastered)

Leather and Lace (Remastered)

Stevie Nicks 1685992210
The Police - It's Alright for You

It's Alright for You

The Police 1685992020
The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby

The Beatles 1685991900
John Waite - Restless Heart

Restless Heart

John Waite 1685991627
ZZ Top - Have You Heard?

Have You Heard?

ZZ Top 1685991437
David Bowie & Queen - Under Pressure

Under Pressure

David Bowie & Queen 1685991220

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Hits, near hits, and lots and lots of deep, rarely heard album tracks from the 60s, 70s & 80s. You'll also hear tracks from new albums released by Classic Rock artists. Truly - classic rock radio like you've never heard it before.

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